I’mYo is a brand specialized in food raw materials.
Aiming to offer superior taste and quality at reasonable prices, I’mYo is specialized in raw materials for restaurants, considering distribution, uses and preservation from other brands. I’mYo is sourcing, developing, and supplying a variety of funny and interesting items with domestic and overseas partners from about 20 countries.

The most important value of I’mYo is customer reliability.
I’mYo strives to be a trustworthy business partner by providing the solutions for customer success on the basis of superior quality. It offers customized solutions with customer-centered perspective to build reliable customer relationship, based on a solid understanding of products and surrounding environment of markets.

I’mYo doesn’t sell the products which fascinate people only with better tasting.
I’mYo wants to be a brand beloved by specialists, instead of the brand that offers low prices and moderate quality. I’mYo promises to keep on quality, safety and service.

First promise: Quality
I’mYo offers top quality products at reasonable prices. The merchandisers who were former chefs develop and manufacture the items that can satisfy the needs and values of customers to get best results.

Second promise: Safety
I’mYo takes its first priority from reliable quality. For safer and healthier products, I’mYo will supply only the products that can provide proven benefits in hygiene, facility of manufacturing place, and nutrition.

Third promise: Service
I’mYo offers a total solution for success, not simple products. The consultants of I’mYo, as field-experienced staffs, offer menu consulting and the products suitable for market environment.


I’mYo always
focuses on new and
unique taste from
raw materials to


I’mYo tries to
develop innovative
taste, manufacturing,
and even


I’mYo introduces a
wide variety of funny
products through
overseas partners in
about 20 countries.


I’mYo tries to
processing steps
for safer, healthier
and more natural products.

I’mYo won many prestigious prizes and awards, as it is recognized for its excellent products, services, and business performances. It is also participated in many government-supported projects. I’mYo will make every effort to be loved by overseas markets, as well as domestic market.

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